Now that Eloqua has become a publicly traded company, it has taken a logical next step by offering a new automated marketing tool focused on financial investors.

Niche Marketing Tools Forthcoming

Eloqua is a Gartner Leader for CRM lead generation. Its asset management system, focusing on mutual fund wholesalers, institutional asset managers and marketers is the first in a line of marketing automation solutions customized for specific markets

Customization is particularly important for the financial sector because of its highly regulated nature. That's why Eloqua Asset Management offers marketers a custom mix of things like:

  • Segmentation to align advisor interests with the product information they require and track their response to specific campaigns.
  • Advisor Relationship Campaigns that leverage best practices templates and dynamic content to send highly personalized communications.
  • Secure Hypersites and Landing Pages that utilize advisor data and online behavior to build personalized and dynamic microsites/landing pages to ensure the best online customer experience.
  • Eloqua Engage to provide wholesalers with the ability to send targeted and trackable campaigns via mobile.
  • Eloqua Insight to track how marketing efforts are driving advisor and wholesaler engagement.


Gain advisor trust and respect compliance requirements with Eloqua Asset Management.

It's also good to note that the solution complies with SEC regulations so marketers can be assured they are following compliance guidelines to the tee.

Investor Trends and Market Updates

There's a ton of specialization in the highly regulated financial space, and the Eloqua Asset Management system is already helping companies like Genworth Financial and Aberdeen Global Asset Managers deploy new marketing strategies. 

Additionally, the Asset Management platform connects to the Eloqua AppCloud and comes with a guarantee the company can sync up your CRM database in three days or less.