Ensighten Teams Up with iJento to Provide Marketers Better Customer Intelligence #AdobeSummit

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Tag-management software provider, Ensighten has announced a partnership with iJento, a digital multi-channel customer intelligence solutions provider. Through this partnership, the two companies will combine solutions to provide marketers with a full picture of customer interactions across channels. 

Ensighten Meets iJento

The partnership will give users better reporting and analytics tools giving relevant data from all devices, social channels, online and offline interactions to provide a total customer view. 

More specifically, marketers will be ableto combine the analytics capabilities of iJento with the tag management offerings of Ensighten to create an integrated marketing toolset. The tag management platform Ensighten Manage 2.0 will now include iJento tags which will allow for a quicker and more simplified deployment of the iJento product to access website, social media and visitor analytics.

Some of the integration's key features include:

Learning Opportunities

  • A combination of offline and online data to get a more complete customer picture.
  • The ability to analyze data from any number of channels and devices with any business intelligence tool.
  • Analytics tools include predictive modeling, KPI forecasting and advanced segmentation.
  • A customized dashboard and data reports.
  • Since iJento has joined Ensighten Connect, users have access to training and information services offered by Ensighten.

An Adobe Benefit

The partnership was announced as part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Conference. In light of the conference, Ensighten noted that this news would be interesting to those who use Adobe SiteCatalyst,an actionable, real-time web analytics intelligence tool, as it can synchronize tag settings between SiteCatalyst and iJento, to collect customer behaviour data from SiteCatalyst tags.

According to Ensighten, in using Ensighten Manage 2.0 Data Layer and Visual Trigger tools users will be able to duplicate and match tag settings in SiteCatalyst and iJento allowing click stream data to be sent to Jento’s SQL Server datamart.

Ensighten is Everywhere

Along with this news, Ensighten has been releasing new and updated products over the last few months.In October they announced real-time tagging for mobile apps, while in January a partnership with GSI Commerce was announced to improve tag management and just last month they released version 2.0 of their tag management system.