Digital marketers will appreciate the Episerver 7.1 release because it includes multivariate testing and an enhanced Social Reach add on.

Testing, Testing

It's critical for marketers to get their messages delivered in an optimized way, and with multivariate testing, the best package can be put together more efficiently. Episerver 7.1 includes this feature for testing out several different webpage configurations at the same time. It saves time on usability testing so marketers can focus more on tracking and engaging with customers.

This is the first update to the Episerver 7 platform that came out last fall, and the .NET system looks to be ready for a series of welcome updates just like the previous version. In keeping with the version 7 release that really positioned Episerver as a multichannel CMS, v7.1 indeed pushes this theme.

When deploying content across those various channels, its obvious some site features won't look the same everywhere. Smaller screens just can't hold as much information, so multivariate testing will allow for winnowing down what works and what doesn't.


The best layout for a chosen Web property can be discovered in less time with multivariate testing.

Social Reach

Social Reach is an add-on for Episerver 7, and it houses all of a company's social media integrations. Post messages to many platforms at once, then track and analyze those posts as they spread across the Web. Episerver 7.1 includes an enhanced version of Social Reach that has features such as link shortening and tracking tags.

By combining several small tasks into the Social Reach toolkit, as noted above, marketers can focus their time on engaging and analyzing customer interactions. Customers can update to Episerver 7.1 in the add-on store, and it can be set up with minimal IT support.