Digital marketing agency, Essence Digital has announced they've bought mobile advertising company Point Reach, with the goal of improving Essence’s overall mobile advertising capabilities and global reach.

The Mobile Revolution

This announcement is one of two mobile advertising related purchases this week. Earlier today, InMobi announced that they had had bought the UK-based Overlay Media.

A report from eMarketer in December projected mobile ad spending over the next few years. Starting with data from 2010, eMarketer suggests that by 2016 the amount advertisers will spend on mobile advertising will increase 32 percent or an average of US$ 20.89 million. Additionally, Google invested US$ 10 million into a mobile ad analytics company towards the end of last year.

These trends and investments show that more and more industry professionals and their companies are seeing the benefits of mobile advertising.

Expanding the Marketing Platform

As for Essence Digital, their acquisition of Point Reach is part of a company wide mobile expansion. After its launch in 2005, the company has worked on expanding and improving the overall digital marketing experience with services centered on the media, creative, design and build, and social fields.

According to a statement from the company, they've been working over the past 18 months to improve their analytics and mobile marketing sectors, with their first major development being the purchase of Black Bag Advertising, an analytics and results driven media agency in September 2012.

Point Reach, whose clients include Disney, AT&T and eBay has a “full-service mobile advertising solution” which provides campaign strategy, creative development and measurement support services.

Point Reach are genuine mobile pioneers. Their award-winning work has redefined best-in-class for this evolving medium," said Richard Mooney, Partner and Managing Director of North America for Essence Digital. "Their unmatched capabilities in mobile-related strategy, media, and creative enrich our North American practice beyond measure."

Specific details surrounding the merger haven’t been released, but according to Andrew Nevils, Managing Director of Point Reach, the two companies will become one agency under the Essence name. By joining with Essence, Point Reach will be able to expand Essence's mobile advertising capabilities, improve its global presence and use Essence’s marketing tools, such as the Olive Campaign Management Suite, to strengthen the mobile marketing platform.