Cross-channel marketing automation provider, ExactTarget has announced a new mobile marketing tool, MobilePush. With this addition, the company adds a power push notification feature to its mobile marketing platform.

Mobile Here and Mobile There

Mobile is everywhere. From smartphones to tablets, almost everyone has a compact computing and communication device. According to the ExactTarget website, by 2015 it is expected that the amount of mobile device users will reach 5.6 million.

ExactTarget recently commissioned a study from Forrester which found that 35% of marketers have trouble launching and maintaining cross-channel campaigns, despite the fact that 78% of those surveyed recognized marketing across different channels as an important part of their business. Mobile is becoming a huge market and businesses need to be able to use all aspects of this medium to their advantage. In adding MobilePush to its mobile marketing strategy, businesses will now have the ability to use power push notifications in a single application, or if they choose, spread their campaign across other platforms, such as email, social media and the web.

The MobilePush Features

MobilePush offers more than just power push notifications. Other features include:

  • Cross-Channel Integration: Marketers can spread their campaigns across a variety of channels, including social media, email and the web. In dong this, businesses will maximize their marketing outreach and connect with as many current and potential customers possible by integrating with the Interactive Marketing Hub.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Marketers will be able to reach and engage with customers across email, mobile, social and web platforms, triggering relevant messaging based on consumer trends
  • Reporting and Analytics: By having access to customer trends and engagement data, marketers can improve the customer experience and see areas they need to focus on.


More than Just MobilePush

MobilePush was released at the Mobile Marketing Association Forum this week, but it wasn't the only announcement. ExactTarget has also added an API and real-time SMS messages to Mobile Connect, its mobile marketing platform.

Despite being the most recent news, these mobile updates aren't the only projects that ExactTarget has been working on. In 2012, it appeared as if the company was concentrating on improving its marketing solutions by integrating or working with other companies. In June 2012, it began working with Compendium to re-purpose marketing content, while later in the year it bought Pardot, a B2B marketing automation provider so it could offer end-to-end marketing services.