Open source Web CMS/Customer experience technology provider eZ Systems is partnering with marketing automation solutions vendor Net-Results to release eZ Marketing Automation. The new solution integrates the Net-Results marketing automation suite with the eZ Publish 5 digital content management platform.


We decided not to build (a marketing automation module) from scratch but instead team with a pure play marketing automation provider,” explained eZ Systems VP of Product Services Roland Benedetti during a phone briefing with CMSWire. “Our vision was that marketing automation as a standalone solution should be absorbed by a global approach using a Web experience management platform.”

As a result, Benedetti said users can find ways to control information and communication usually not integrated on the Web side. For example, he said they can change how a site looks for a specific customer and through a bridge to the eZ Systems CRM application can reuse marketing content such as emails.

Creating emails is painful and not optimized for content creation,” said Benedetti. “You can create content once and go anywhere with it instead of having two systems that barely talk to each other.”

Benedetti said eZ Systems decided to partner with Net-Results because of its segmentation tool. “Its Web analytics/recommendation engine platform matches segments to different marketing activities such as how a user would behave in a Web store,” he said. “You can track visitors -- where they’re from and what they do -- through cookies. During the customer journey, you can trigger specific activities at specific times.”

eZ Systems Moves on Up

By making marketing automation capabilities available to eZ Publish users, eZ Systems is beefing up what is already a very strong application. Last month, independent analysis firm Ars Logica released a new Compass Guide on the eZ Publish WCM platform, putting the newest version 5 nearly on par with segment leaders Adobe CQ and SDL Tridion. Ars Logica praised ez Publish for capabilities including a robust developer toolkit, highly evolved publishing and multimedia solutions, excellent functionality-to-price ratio and suitability for CXM.

The report also gave eZ Publish high marks for marketing and sales tools -- including its presence and the quality of its ability to improve sales, conversion rates and analyze online behavior, among others. The new marketing automation solution will only increase these capabilities even further, moving eZ Systems up a little higher on the Web CMS ladder.

Marketing Automation – Big Benefits, But Not One Size Fits All

As described in a recent Forbes article, the benefits of marketing automation tools are considerable.

They can help increase the speed, accuracy and execution of marketing campaigns, give you a higher quality of insight from your analytics, improve the quality of your leads and even reduce the labor you need to execute sales and marketing,” states Forbes.

However, Forbes also points out that properly utilizing marketing automation technology is not as simple as buying a solution and implementing it. Cost and integration vary, and solutions can be implemented in-house or on a hosted SaaS basis.

What matters as much as the knowledge of your business and selecting a fitting marketing automation tool is taking the proper care to integrate in the absolute most customized way possible,” concluded Forbes. “Just as no business is the same, marketing automation is not a one-size-fits all proposition either.”