If your website has the Facebook Comments Box plugin, the plugin will now appear automatically on mobile devices, too.

Facebook launched the mobile Comments Box plugin today, which makes it easier for your website visitors to interact with your content no matter how they reach it. Technical details about the Facebook plugin and formatting it for your site are available on the Facebook Developers site.


Comments Plugin

The Comments Box plugin lets visitors comment on website pages, while also providing moderation and distribution tools for web admins. The plugin uses "social signals" to flag the most relevant comments to show users, such as comments from friends or friends of friends, whereas comments flagged as spam are hidden.

The developer site explains that website visitors can choose to share their comments on Facebook, which makes the story appear on the visitor's friends' News Feed. Then friends or other people who like the site's page on Facebook can add to the discussion either through the News Feed post or directly in the Comments Box on your website. If you'd prefer not to have the mobile version appear, you can change the settings.

Mobile Advances

Mobile customer experience shouldn't be afterthought. In fact, in a November 2011 article, Simon Lande pointed out that treating it like an afterthought is the biggest reason mobile web content fails. "In short, businesses are about as good at designing mobile experiences in 2011 as they were at designing desktop web experiences in 1999," he wrote.

As 2011 wound down, focus on mobile site design ramped up. In fact, in 2011, mobile shoppers grew to 11%, which was almost triple from 2010, and IBM predicted that mobile devices would drive 15% of web traffic over the 2011 holiday season.

As this Comment Box plugin update shows, Facebook continues to be a leader in mobile customer experience. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2012, Facebook will become the hub for social network integration and Web socialization, and by 2014, more than 3 billion of the world's adult population will be able to interact electronically via mobile or Internet technology.

Still, Facebook's innovations in social engagement and mobile devices comes with privacy concerns, which inspire plugins to help users limit the social network's reach. At least with the Comments Box plugin, privacy-minded site admins choose how, or even if, Facebook reaches their visitors.