Facebook App of the Week: Building Your Audience with SlideShare

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For this week’s Facebook App of the Week we’re focusing on SlideShare. This is an external appthat is not only designed to share presentations, but allows you to expand your company's social network reach.


How Does Slideshare Work

In the past, slide shows and PowerPoint presentations were mostly shown in conference rooms or sent through email. In 2006, SlideShare opened up the world of presentations, making it possible for anyone to view, comment on and share your content. With this Slideshare Facebook app, SlideShare gets even more social. If you select the Slideshare App from the Facebook App Center, you are taken to the Slideshare website and your email and basic Facebook Profile info is sent along to automatically create a Slideshare Account (if you already have a Slideshare account, then just go to the next step).

Once your account is set up, you need to add the Slideshare App to your Facebook Profile page. Once you do that, you can then add the app to one of your Facebook Pages, entering the Slideshare connection account info..

From there, you can upload your presentation in a variety of formats including ppt, odp, pdf, doc, odt, keynote, videos and iWork to the Slideshare site. Once uploaded, you can choose to share your presentation privately, or make it public and shared through social networks likes Facebook and LinkedIn (LinkedIn acquired SlideShare in May), or embed it on a website.

The Importance of Networking

At first glance, SlideShare doesn't seem like much outside of a way to share your content to clients and colleagues, but it’s the site’s social networking capabilities that set it apart. In linking the site to your social media accounts like Facebook, your public presentations can be seen by thousands of interested viewers. This can lead to you having more connections and followers and enable you to expand your SlideShare connections, as those who use the site can choose to follow you.

The site is more than just a way to share your own work. If you’re having trouble with a presentation, the site enables you to search similar topics and use other public presentations to spark ideas. You can also browse the site and filter results by type (documents, presentations, videoslides, etc.), language, category and popularity.

Learning Opportunities


The Cost of Slideshare

In going through Facebook (and if you went to the site on its own), you receive a free account which gives you a basic, but quite expansive collection of tools. The only downside to the unpaid version is that you can’t upload videos and it's filled with ads you can't control. For a paid version, consider:

  • For US$19 a month, you can get a Silver Account which includes: no ads, analytics, buzz tracking, unlimited uploads, private uploads, LinkedIn extras,30 leads a month and 10 videos.
  • For US$ 49 a month you can get a Gold account which includes: no ads, analytics, buzz tracking, unlimited uploads, private uploads, LinkedIn extras, a custom channel,70 leads a month and 20 videos.
  • For US$ 249 a month you can a premium account which includes: no ads, analytics, buzz tracking, unlimited uploads, private uploads, LinkedIn extras, unlimited leads, unlimited videos, a custom channel, full branding and control commenting.

Final Thoughts

Overall, SlideShare is an application with the ability to connect to social networks, like Facebook rather than an App designed specifically for Facebook. It is a worthwhile tool for any business who wants to easily share content such as documents and presentations.

Connecting it to Facebook is a great way to reach an even bigger audience that it would have on its own, and is very likely complementary to LinkedIn.