For this week’s Facebook App of the Week our focus is on RSS Graffiti. The Demand Media App is designed to help businesses manage and monitor their RSS Feeds by choosing where and how to post the information gathered.

RSS Graffiti, which is currently testing the beta version of RSS Graffiti 2.0, aims to help users who have to organize multiple RSS  or Atom Feeds and who need to publish information to more than one Facebook timeline.

RSS Graffitti Beta2

How does RSS Graffiti Work?

After installing the app, users are re-directed the app’s dashboard on Facebook. There they can create one or multiple publishing plans. Once a publishing plan is created, users then choose which source or sources to gather information from. To create a source, users can choose from a specific Twitter account or hashtag, RSS feed and Atom feed. They can then configure this feed with either basic and advanced options.

  • Basic: Users can change a source’s name, where the feed is coming from, source URL and how often information is posted.
  • Advanced: Users can change how a post looks with the Format Message option; choices include No Message, Same as Item’s Title, Static Text and Same as Item’s Title and Static Text. They also have filtering options where they choose a cut-off date for posting and publishing delay.

The next step is to choose a place where the information will be shown. The Target can either be a person’s profile, fan page or group. Users can also choose on who's behalf this information is being posted and how the post would appear to visitors. Once all of the information is correct users merely have to click on the OFF button on the dashboard to ensure that the publishing plan will work.


Bringing Social Media Together

As was mentioned, users can choose to link information from Twitter feeds or posts made under a certain hashtag. The app is also compatible with YouTube, so that videos can be posted through the feeds as well.

The Cost of RSS Graffiti

This app is available for free by either by going through Facebook or by clicking through the official RSS Graffiti website.

In giving the app access to your account, RSS Graffiti has the permission to manage your pages, post to timeline without asking permission and gives access to Facebook Insights to gather data for your pages and other applications.

Final Thoughts

If you or your company only needs to monitor a couple feeds then this isn't the business app for you. On the other hand, it is a useful tool for both small and large businesses who have a lot of fan pages or multiple accounts on Facebook. RSS Graffiti will enable them to properly manage and keep track of numerous RSS Feeds.