It’s time for the Facebook App of the Week. This week we’re focusing on Offerpopa social marketing tool.

Unlike many other apps that only offer one digital marketing tool -- like an analytics monitor or a page customization tool -- Offerpop is an integrated social marketing application. With tools similar to those offered by Tradablebits it aims to give users an all-in-one platform where they can “build an active and engaged fanbase" through social marketing campaigns.

Getting Offerpop

Creating a campaign with Offerpop is quite easy. Once a user signs up for one of the pricing options mentioned below, they simply create their Facebook page by filling out a basic information form. They then have access to a collection of tools that can be used to promote their brand and engage with fans. Once the page is tailored for a particular business it can previewed, then published.

The Marketing Tools in the Offerpop Platform

Most of the tools -- which include mobile compatibility, access to real-time analytics and the ability to embed video -- are divided into their categories: Acquisition, Engagement and Conversion. Some of the highlights include:

  • Exclusive tabs where users can create special offers and rewards to encourage more fan interaction and recruit new fans and followers.
  • Fan Faves -- a tool that can be used to get feedback on what products and services are the most favorable among customers.
  • Look Book -- a slideshow tool where companies can showcase and highlight products. 
  • Campaigns can be translated into 17 different languages and run in a variety of different countries, so that business can improve their global reach.
  • The chance to get sponsored ads at no extra cost, as long as it's operated on the Offerpop platform.


An example of the Exclusive tool

The Price of Offerpop

Offerpop is designed to help with campaigns for one fanpage, but depending on the campaign, there are a few pricing options:

  • Pay Per Campaign: This option can be part of the 14 day trial. With this choice, users can have access to one of the app tools and have up to 100 followers or fans. As the number of followers increases, so does the price. Pricing ranges from US$ 10 for up to 500 followers to US$ 1500 for 50,000 followers. If a campaign ends up having more than 50,000 followers users have to contact Offerpop for pricing options.
  • Monthly Subscription: This option is geared towards companies that have larger and longer campaigns. With this option users can use all of the tools listed for an unlimited amount of time. As with the Pay Per Campaign option, for campaigns with up to 100 followers, this option is free, but the price increases when the followers do. For US$ 15 a month, a campaign can have up to 500 followers, while for a campaign that has up to 50,000 followers the cost is US$ 2500 per month. As with the Pay-Per-Campign option, for over 50,000 followers or fans users have to contact Offerpop about pricing.
  • Fan Database: This option is for those who have Facebook subscribers. Those who are interested in this option are encouraged to contact Offerpop for pricing and general information.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Offerpop is a really good social marketing platform that can help businesses improve their social marketing skills. By being easy to use, Offerpop gives unskilled marketers and small businesses the chance to interact with and improve customer experience by gaining more followers and fans. Despite its straightforward, easy to use appeal, more experienced marketers will also find the platform useful.