During the month of February at CMSWire our theme is "Better Web Experiences with Marketing Automation" and with that in mind our Facebook App of the Week is Constant Contact, a marketing automation tool.

What is Constant Contact?

Launched in 1998,Constant Contact mainly helps small businesses and not for profit organizations with their marketing efforts using, among other things, email marketing, event marketing and online surveys. In doing so, Constant Contact enables businesses that don't have a large marketing budget to engage with fans, improve their conversion rates and expand their brand.

Constant Contact and Facebook

With its social media marketing tool Constant Contact offers businesses an easy and efficient way to launch a Facebook marketing campaign. After signing up, users can promote their campaign with a promotional offer through Facebook or another platform, such as Twitter, email or LinkedIn.

Then, to lure in more fans, those who receive the offer are redirected to the business' Facebook landing page where they have to like the page. Once this happens a business not only gains a new fan, but also improves its chances of this offer being shared with others and getting more likes.


An example of a coupon

Some of the offers and exclusive material that are apart of the campaign platform include:

  • Video: Videos can be key promotional tools, as they show customers the inner workings of a business or a particular product.
  • Coupons: The more a person can save, the more revenue and engagement a company can receive. With a coupon offer, not only does a company gain a potential fan, but if the person is satisfied with their purchase or the offer they will share this information with friends and family leading to more fans
  • Exclusive Content: This feature includes coupons and discounts, as well white papers and guides to give fans a chance to learn more about a business.

The pricing of Constant Contact depends on the amount of fans a page is aiming for. Pricing ranges from free for up to 100 fans to $US 99.95 for 5,001 to 10,000 fans. If a business requires more fan space, Constant Contact recommends they call its offices for a quote.

Good for Small Biz

Constant Contact is a viable option for small to mid-sized businesses who want to grow their social media presence and don't have deep technical knowledge. There are basic analytics with the social media campaigns and integration with email marketing.