Whenever Facebook makes a big update to its core features, it sure seems like more and more people start considering using it less. Facebook is now rolling out the final third of its most recent makeover, and it's all about the News Feed.

Switch Views, More Feed Choices

People want more control over what they see in their News Feed, Chris Struhar, Facebook's tech lead, said at the News Feed unveiling. People can switch over to different News Feed views, including the option to see every last item posted by friends and followed Pages.

Instead of posting more of what people view the most, Facebook members will get to choose what they want to see, and that way things don't get missed. The choices of what to see also includes how photos are viewed.


Facebook News Feed looks more like the mobile version on desktops and laptops.

News Feed can be viewed according to most recent items, all friends, photos, music, following, games and groups. Additionally, photo thumbnails will be expanded overall, and this is keeping with the theme of Facebook focusing on photo sharing.

Facebook is calling the News Feed update a Spring cleaning because it felt people were complaining about their feeds being too clogged.

Single Experience Across Devices

Eliminating the navigation buttons from the left side of the screen instantly makes room for more content, something necessary on smaller mobile device screens. Now the desktop will look more like those mobile pages, and that way Facebook looks nearly the same across all devices. That goes for the mobile website version and iOS and Android apps.


Facebook is unifying mobile and desktop layouts for a more seamless experience.

Obviously, Facebook wants people to actually enjoy this update, so the design changes may actually succeed in that regard. As noted above, the desktop version will be looking more like the mobile version, a necessary move due to the massive amount of mobile traffic the site gets. Facebook generates nearly 25% of its ad revenue from mobile.

Facebook announced the updates would start rolling out today, but no word was given on when it would be completed. We assume it will go live before Graph Search, even though it was announced later. The reason for that is it's a more obvious change where the Graph Search is a bit more behind the scenes.