For SportStream, it’s a solution where Facebook’s keyword insights API and public feed API meet the sports fan.

And for media businesses like sports telecasts, knowing the sports fan is the most important part of creating their customer experiences.

Empowering Sports Media

SportStream, the San Francisco-based media analytics provider, today releases an analytics product accessible through its existing platform, SportsBase. The product analyzes aggregate Facebook mentions and posts across sports and delivers real-time data including top games, teams and players along with demographic and gender information on those driving the discussions.

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The solution allows for media businesses not only to produce real-time data for their viewers but also arms editorial and production teams with actionable data that will help them plan coverage, Bob Morgan, CEO of SportStream, told CMSWire.

The data produces a “very powerful signal” for what an audience is talking about and helps inform and educate producers to make programming decisions, Morgan added.

Why This Product?

Sports media companies have a big appetite for this kind of data, Morgan told CMSWire. And up until now, it’s been difficult to gain these kind of insights in real-time.

“They don’t have to detect trends on their own,” Morgan said. “They’re putting great content on the air and focusing on what they want and what the audience wants. This tool has not existed before for sports media.” 

Morgan would not disclose pricing, only saying it’s a licensing model.

Facebook’s API Media Debut

In September, Facebook announced its metric-based discussion tools aimed at helping users -- particularly businesses -- figure out what’s on the world’s mind. Its latest unveiling called for selected news organizations to integrate Facebook conversations into their broadcasts or coverage by displaying public posts of real-time activity on any given topic.

Media partners are able to use the new tools to show the number of Facebook posts that mention a specific word over a period of time. It also includes a demographic breakdown of the people talking about that topic. 

More Action in the Sports Realm

SportStream isn't the only one making moves that involve sports fan engagement. Phizzle, Inc., the fan-centric marketing automation technology company, announced last Monday a partnership with Learfield Sports, a company that administers the multimedia rights for a host of colleges and universities.

The partnership, Phizzle says, leverages digital and enterprise software technologies to maximize sponsorship revenues and drive fan engagement, through mobile marketing.

Phizzle gives Learfield a cloud-based mobile marketing solution to create, manage and analyze mobile marketing initiatives like text-messaging campaigns and in-venue video board presentations.