FirstRain Turns Customer Analytics into Actions for Salesforce

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Customer intelligence provider FirstRain, whose name invokes nourishing precipitation after a dry spell, is looking to refresh productivity in Salesforce through the release of a new set of integrated customer analytics. 

The company said this intelligence can lead to better informed activities that can help to increase team collaboration, improve alignment with customer strategies and drive revenue.

Analytics and Workflows

The San Mateo, California-based company provides enterprise-targeted customer intelligence through a cloud-based platform integrated into such CRM and social enterprise platforms as Cisco WebEx Social, Microsoft Sharepoint and Dynamics, Jive and Yammer, as well as in leading research platforms. The information is intended to provide a personalized view of the customer, competitors and market landscape for specific accounts.

Penny Herscher, CEO of FirstRain, said in a statement that the new release fuses “advanced analytics and the critical salesforce.com workflows that sales professionals require.” She added that staying competitive in today’s market requires teams to “deeply understand the customer, their customer’s customer and their customer’s market,” as well as be able “to instantly act on that intelligence.”

FirstRain, Herscher said, can now help reps “move seamlessly from analytics into action” through Chatter collaboration, assigning critical tasks or adding to a rep’s view of an account.

Actionable Task

Specific functions include the ability for a rep to immediately assign FirstRain customer intelligence into an actionable Salesforce task for him or herself, or for the team. Account Notes can add customer context to an account with analytics-derived intelligence, and market developments affecting an account are available for sharing via Chatter.

Learning Opportunities


FirstRain said its informed productivity actions utilize its patented, advanced analytics to evaluate relationships among various factors and data points, and then map them to specific business needs.


Last month, the company launched FirstRain for Touch, an enterprise intelligence solution for the Salesforce Platform. The product is intended to allow the integration of customer intelligence into enterprise mobile apps without extensive development.