There was a time when if your enterprise had an application that offered insights into customer behaviour, the sales and marketing teams were happy. Now, workers want customer intelligence. On the back of that FirstRain has developed a new app that enables enterprises to build customer intelligence apps for any device from Salesforce’s Touch platform.

SalesForce Touch Customer Apps

The result, FirstRain says, is the ability to build effective and elegant mobile customer intelligence applications for business users quicker than they’ve ever been able to do before.

Whether elegance is something you want out of your customer intelligence application is a personal choice, but the fact that they can be developed so rapidly really does respond to an IT market that is increasingly obsessed with agility, which in this case can be defined as the technological ability to respond to changing marketplaces quickly.

FirstRain for Touch Monitor View.jpg

FirstRain Monitor View
According to FirstRain, Salesforce’s Touch provides the foundation for this kind of responsiveness and with it has built apps that include FirstRain’s customer and intelligence analytics made mobile faster than ever.

Salesforce Touch

So what is Touch? It’s been around for a while but just keeps slipping under the radar. Touch is Saleforces’s platform that enables users to build their own HTML5, iPad, iPhone and Android applications easier than they have been able to until now.

Unlike some platforms that have been built and adopted to the mobile world, Touch is built specifically for the mobile world using agile development practices. It enables developers to build custom apps for mobile devices that can be written once and deployed on any device by using the same services that are already being used on the Salesforce platform.

FirstRain for Touch-Dashboard.PNG

FirstRain Touch dashboard

FirstRain Apps

The result is that developers can build applications that bring analytics and customer intelligence to mobile users providing them with invaluable insights into their customers’ actions and allowing them to manage customer relationships from anywhere.

It does this by providing a precise intelligence view of a sales team’s top accounts and end-markets tuned to specific customer strategies and revenue targets around those customers.

Built on patented big data analytics engines, the new touch-based capabilities of FirstRain enable users to easily find, analyze, organize and deliver actionable Web and social media intelligence that is entirely business focused.

As a solution it can also be centrally managed, easily integrated and seamlessly synced across all the applications users work in. More from FirstRain as it happens.