This Friday, we offer up a little relationship advice. With spring in full swing, love is in the air and we’re all feeling a little flirty and looking to spice up our daily routines with more passion. But with it so easy to stray nowadays, how can we ensure that those with whom we are engaged stay committed and loyal? Knowing the signs of a wandering eye can help, as can showing a little interest yourself. We’re talking about your customers, of course (this isn’t Cosmo) and thanks to folks at Maxymiser, there’s now a handy infographic to help us identify the 5 Signs Your Online Customers are Cheating On You.

It's Not You, It's Me

Don't Lose That Loving Feeling...

It’s no surprise that, if your customers are bored with your brand, or not finding what they want, they will go elsewhere. Creating brand loyalists can be easy at first, but keeping them continually engaged and inspired will take more effort. Keeping any relationship fresh is a challenge, which is why it’s essential that community managers, content strategists and marketers must work together to keep content up-to-date and engagement relevant.

Breaking up is never easy, but it’s especially devastating when it’s because you’ve lost interest in each other. So go make yourself look pretty. Tuck in your shirt, comb your hair and stand up straight. Take an active interest and ask questions. Things will turn around real soon. You’ll see.