Sales/marketing intelligence provider GageIn has released a major upgrade to its signature platform. GageIn v2.0 features improvements and enhancements to homepage navigation and email functionality, among other changes.

GageIn Gives the People What They Want

According to GageIn, the changes in version 2.0  were made in response to user feedback. One of the most significant changes is an upgraded homepage navigation. Making “intelligence gathering the number one priority,” GageIn now classifies content into the main categories of Agents, Companies, Industries and Lists. Each square displays when the latest update was posted. As a result, GageIn says sales triggers and relevant updates are easier to find.



In addition, email digests have been revamped to prioritize trigger events so critical updates are more easily discoverable. GageIn has also improved cache implementation for better speed and agility and delivers more trigger events and ensures they are even more relevant than before. GageIn says it will continue fine-tuning the platform and taking user feedback and suggestions.

GageIn -- A Brief History

For a company that only officially released its flagship product in October 2011, GageIn has already established a lively history. GageIn was initially designed to pull all the sources a sales/marketing professional follows together into one environment, then share information inside and back out, and collaborate within a secure environment. In essence, content curation, and then some. GageIn initially featured integration with CRM systems and additional social networks Salesforce, Chatter and Yammer. 

In May 2012, GageIn expanded its functionality with a new feature called News Portals that allows news and social media info to be saved and tagged and then shared with teams or to LinkedIn. Additionally, because of existing GageIn integration wih Salesforce, Chatter and Yammer, the Portals can be shared there as well. News Portals isn't as stylized as Pinterest, but the idea that people will gravitate toward coworkers' and business colleagues' ideas about relevant content is the main thrust of what curation is really about.

GageIn Gets VentureBeat Recognition

GageIn is still too new a company to say whether it has delivered on its promise or not, but there appears to be a good deal of promise based on early recognition the company’s technology received from VentureBeat.

As reported in the New York Times, in February 2011, GageIn was one of one of 53 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Spring 2011 event in Palm Springs, CA. A guest column from VentureBeat described GageIn as “founded on the belief that if businesses are provided the right information at the right time they will make smarter decisions” and credited the company for its “proprietary algorithm to aggregate and categorize business information, which it then allows users to easily filter through.” According to VentureBeat, GageIn does not have any direct competitors, although on some levels it does compete with LinkedIn, Jive, Yammer, Chatter and Hoovers.