GeoFluent for Telligent Enables Multilingual Social Communities

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Social communities are great for communication, but what if they span several countries and different language zones? Social software provider Telligent is now offering a new integrated translation solution for its products.

Called GeoFluent for Telligent, the software combines Lionbridge Technologies’ software-as-a-service, customized real-time translation technology with Telligent’s enterprise social suite of applications.

IBM Machine Translation Engine

GeoFluent utilizes an IBM-developed machine translation engine with a proprietary Lionbridge customization. In addition to translation solutions, the Waltham, Mass.-based Lionbridge also offers online marketing, global content management and application testing. Dallas-based Telligent provides an enterprise-grade social platform, as well as community applications and social intelligence tools for employee networking, customer-driven support communities and interactive marketing communities.

The companies said one benefit of the solution is that expensive support calls in the country of origin can instead be handled through online forums, blogs and wikis, where information can be obtained regardless of language.

According to Lionbridge, over 90 percent of enterprise content does not reach non-English speaking audiences because of time and cost requirements. GeoFluent allows an organization to create a global online community, instead of separate communities for each language environment. The companies noted that administrative costs can be reduced by combing language-specific forums into one common space, where visitors can read and post in their own language.

Learning Opportunities

All Content, All the Time

Utilizing multilingual support from major search engines, the companies said, such communities can now provide access to all relevant content on an 24 x 7 basis. All public-facing community content, in whatever language, becomes available when a visitor searches in any language.

Telligent Founder and CTO Rob Howard said in a statement that GeoFluent for Telligent “removes geographic and language barriers and ensures that marketing, customer service and key stakeholders are at the forefront of customer engagement.”

Lionbridge CEO Rory Cowan noted that “the next growth wave for enterprise social software is global market adoption with local-market relevance.” He added that, by breaking the language barrier in social communities, organizations can increase revenue conversions and expedite time-to-market, as well as boost the quality of customer experience.