Get More Loyalty, Engagement and Insights In Store with PunchTab

If you have a product in today’s marketplace, it may be hard to control how it gets marketed to customers once it’s in a retail store. Unless, it’s sold exclusively in its own store, there are only so many things manufacturers can do to ensure it ends up in a customer’s shopping cart. In store displays are costly, and manufacturers’ coupons aren’t always user-friendly. Now, thanks to a new solution from the folks at PunchTab, consumer packaged goods (CPG) can now gain valuable insight into purchase behavior, no matter how they’re displayed in store.

Empower, Reward and Analyze

PunchTab offers a variety of loyalty and engagement solutions designed to empower CPG companies and reward customers. As a result, companies can create more accurate and robust consumer profiles, which can be used to influence future purchase decisions, create brand preference, and gain consumers' attention while they're shopping.

New CPG solutions in the PunchTab platform leverage consumer technologies and platforms that have long eluded manufacturers, like mobile. Here are just a few ways CPGs can use PunchTab to capture customers attention while learning from their behavior.

  • Mobile loyalty: By integrating PunchTab loyalty programs into mobile apps and mobile sites and by combining advanced consumer profiles with geo-fencing and geo-targeting capabilities via mobile platforms, CPG brands can deliver highly targeted and personalized real-time messages via SMS, email and push notifications.

  • Receipt scanning: CPGs now have exclusive access to consumer purchase data. Once consumers scan receipts, they are directed to a brand using a mobile app or email, in exchange for points in the brand's loyalty program, which gives CPG brands full visibility into what consumers are buying, when they're buying, where they make purchases and how often they shop.

PunchTab receipt scanning.png

  • QR/Promo code: CPG brands with in-store merchandising displays can now reward consumers for scanning QR codes, which can help consumers learn more about products, view unique content or access special offers. Dynamic QR codes and special promotion codes can also be added to CPG brands with new products or impending package changes to help incentivize users for scanning or entering those codes to learn more, earn discounts and offer incentives for trying other products.  

  • Analytics & Insights: By combining consumers' digital and social profiles and behaviors with real purchase data, CPGs have the ability to understand which online behaviors increase awareness, trial, preference and overall buy rates, while optimizing marketing effectiveness by focusing on the channels that matter most.

The New (CPG) Customer Experience

Marketing directly to the consumer in the age of showrooming and mobile eCommerce is not easy, especially for brands who have little control over how their products get marketed in-store. Customers may be in the market for the best price, but they're also looking for the best experience. By providing consumers with opportunities to interact with products as they shop not only increases brand engagement, but it helps brands learn more about the customer so they can improve the customer experience, no matter where the customer or product is.