Improving the Mobile Coupon Shopping Experience

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Who doesn’t love a coupon? Why, there are even shows about people who love coupons so much they buy things they don’t even need, just for the thrill of the discount. However, for the rest of us who enjoy receiving coupons from the retailers and brands we follow, there’s a problem: coupons have gone mobile. And while they are often easy to access, they’re not always easy to redeem.

Redeem Your Mobile Coupons (Literally!)

The new survey by RadiumOne, "Improving the Performance of Mobile Coupons," analyzed how women between the ages of 35 and 54 interface with coupons on their mobile devices for household purchases. They found that 61.9% of female respondents have redeemed grocery and consumer goods retail coupons, with 42.4% citing a preference for receiving SMS-based coupons on their mobile phones.


Currently, retailers are delivering coupons in four different ways including: scanning a QR code, checking-in on a mobile application, tapping their phone on a point-of-sales terminal, or redeeming coupons via digital loyalty cards.

Despite the above average redemption rate, 40.7% said that coupon redemption varies on a merchant-by-merchant basis, indicating that it wasn’t always easy to figure out how to redeem them. Put more scientifically, the survey found that the number of friction points in the redemption process greatly reduces the practical use of mobile based offers.

It reminds of the Seinfeld joke about reservations “You know how to take the reservation, you just don't know how to hold the reservation” In this case, anyone can offer a coupon, but not everyone can develop a process that makes it easy and enjoyable to redeem it.

It's Still About the (Mobile) Customer Experience

With the predicted rise in mobile shopping, it's important for retailers to make this process easier. First the study looked at how women preferred to access coupons. Mobile definitely provides a convenient and practical wasy to access and manage coupons.

Learning Opportunities


As for what mobile method they prefer to redeem coupons, 51.5% prefer to display coupons to a cashier, 23.8% prefer scanning-based methods, and 42.3% prefer SMS-based coupons.

To help marketers better plan their next mobile marketing campaign launch, RadiumOne offered the following tips:

  • Employ quick access display and scan based coupon offers.
  • Avoid multi-step redemption processes.
  • Tailor mobile coupon offers specifically to everyday consumer based products.
  • Judiciously push relevant offers to mobile shoppers via SMS text.
  • Leverage in-app loyalty programs that automatically redeem mobile coupon offers.

Whether brands are offering coupons through targeted advertising or through loyalty rewards programs, these survey results should inspire companies to take a closer look at how their coupons are being redeemed and working to align their distribution to the preferences of their customers.

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