Notorious 1960s counterculture guru Timothy Leary encouraged his followers to “turn on, tune in, drop out” -- essentially abandoning the “conventional” world to obtain wisdom. Social data provider, Gnip is inviting its partners to obtain wisdom by mining the consumer data that makes up the conventional world as “Plugged In To Gnip” program -- or “turn on, plug in, pick up.”

Partners in Plugged In To Gnip obtain long-term guarantees of early access to data from social media sources including Twitter -- Gnip is a certified Twitter partner.

Gnip also says it is the “exclusive provider” of commercial access to public data from Tumblr, WordPress, StockTwits and Disqus and supplies an enterprise-grade social analytics platform. The company says other unspecified “new features” will also be added to the Plugged In To Gnip program.

"If social data is going to reach its full potential, the underlying data must be reliable, sustainable, and complete. As an industry we must shine a light on social data so that the data layer is analyzed and scrutinized as much as the application itself. As the world’s largest provider of social data, Gnip has a unique view of the ecosystem and of the organizations that are committed to highest level of social data integrity. At its core, the Plugged In program is a way for us to collaborate with these advanced data organizations to keep driving the ecosystem forward."

Going beyond Real Time Analysis

If anyone wants to find fault with Gnip, they cannot accuse them of lacking ambition. In September, Gnip launched Historical PowerTrack for Twitter, which the company says makes available every public tweet since the launch of Twitter in March 2006. At the time, the Boulder County Business Report (Gnip is based in Boulder, CO) lauded Gnip for going beyond real-time analysis with the PowerTrack for Twitter product.

Social-media analysis has focused on real-time sentiment monitoring, which allows companies to spot trends and get feedback on their products,” stated an article on the solution launch. “That's good for immediate reaction, but companies have nothing with which to compare it.”

Gnip executives are quoted as saying having access to historical data will give companies perspective on how one product launch compares with another and that access to the archive also allows users the chance to develop predictive models based on what Twitter users thought in the past. The partnership program will presumably allow members to go “beyond real-time analysis,” which is a concept so radical even Timothy Leary probably would have been impressed.

Notable Plugged In To Gnip  partners include IBM, Waggener Eggstrom and Greenplum (a division of EMC).