Google has announced another small step forward with Google Analytics, this time with the redesign of its Social Reports that enables users to track conversations and activity that is developing around content on Google’s Social Data Hub Partners.

This announcement follows on the heels of the announcement earlier this week that it has pushed Universal Analytics out of beta and made it generally available.

With this announcement Google is introducing two kinds of reports that enable users see and use this social data and see how people are engaging with a publisher’s content. The two new reports are:

  • Data Hub Activity
  • Trackbacks

Social Data Hub

Social data hub, if you haven’t used, it is a free platform that social networks and other social platforms use to integrate their activity streams like votes or comments with Google Analytics.

It enables users to make their social networks visible to marketers, publishers and analysts using Google Analytics as well as giving them a broad, comprehensive and inclusive picture of the global, social media landscape. Current partners include Badoo, Digg, Google+ and Reddit.

Activity Stream

Until now, the activity stream was previously only available after drilling down from the landing pages or network referrals. However, with this announcement, it will now exist as a standalone report. Using the Data Hub Activity report, users will be able to see the timeline of activities that have occurred in the Social Data Hub was well as the raw activities in an alternative list.


Trackbacks was also available through Google Analytics, but this too has been turned into a standalone report. With it, you’ll be easily able to track all inbound links to your site, be it a tiny blog from an individual, or a large enterprise website.

Google Analytics social hub.jpg

Google Analytics tracking

Google is also providing context for the significance of each of these trackbacks by showing the number of visits that were driven by each of these trackbacks and by showing the number of visits that were prompted by each of the trackback URL’s during the reporting period.

Like many of Google’s releases, this one is a small step forward for Google Analytics, but one that extends its use for businesses, and in particular those who’s progress depends on socializing their products (which is pretty much everyone right?)