customer experience: Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps

Google Analytics has announced a mobile apps management feature designed to improve mobile capabilities for developers.

Say Goodbye to Waiting

According to Russell Ketchum, the product manager for Google Analytics and a Google Tag Manager, despite being useful, mobile devices have their faults, especially for those who are creating software and apps for them. One common problem for app developers is updating.

On the web, you can iterate on content and features in near-real-time and deploy conversion tracking, remarketing, analytics and other tags to measure the effects on your users,” he wrote. “Apps, on the other hand, are effectively frozen at the point of user install [or update]."

Now with the Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps developers will be able to change configurations, add analytics, re-market data and conversion tracking without having to issue an update. While most of the mobile app tag manager features are the same as the web-based tag manager, there are a few notable differences. With the mobile version users can add certain events into the data layer which can be used to trigger Google Tag Manager tags and macros. The service is also equipped with Value Collection Macros so developers can make ‘server-side configurations’ and use them to build apps.

The Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps can be used for both iOS and Android apps and is integrated with the Google Analytics Services SDK, where both share the same framework. The tool also supports other Google services including AdWords Conversion Tracking, Adwords Remarketing and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps (Universal Analytics) tags.

Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps was originally introduced at the Google I/O earlier this year, but as only just been released to the public.

A Happy Developer is a Loyal Developer

This update will be useful to marketers, app users and developers, and Emil Protalinski notes that this shows Google’s dedication to those who use its services and the mediums in which they work.

In addition to moving further into the mobile space with this release, Google is also ensuring developers continue to use its own services for their mobile projects,” he wrote.

A Few Google Analytics Update

Other recent updates and releases from Google Analytics include the ability to turn Google Analytics into an A/B testing tool, the beta release of a new analytics reporting API and the addition of real-time widgets and a customer journey insight feature.