Just when you thought it was safe to write Google+ off, it rears its head once again to convince you that it’s still alive and thriving. Such is the case with a new study that marks the six-month anniversary of Google+ Brand Pages by measuring its ability to adopt new users and engage them.

Brands Showing More Activity on Google+

Simply Measured released a report that shows some the ways that Google+ Brand pages are attracting customers and engaging on the platform. Using the top 100 Interbrands as a benchmark, the study found that:

  • 64% of the Interbrand Top 100 now have an active Google+ Brand page (up 3% from December 2011)
  • 22% of the brands now have circler counts over 100,000, up from 13%
  • More brands are posting more frequently: 43% are posting over 3 times a week (up from 15% in February)

Is this increased activity on the part of brands working? It seems that it is. Among the top brands, the study showed that engagement on outbound posts is growing.

  • Circle engagement is up 112% since February.
  • Content engagement is also on the rise: It increased 65% since February.
  • Multimedia content (photo and video) continues to be the top engagement driver.



Learning Opportunities

Among the brands that are finding success with Google+ brand pages, H&M, Ferrari, Gucci, and other luxury brands top the list. Some are doing better growing their circles than others, while others are posting and sharing more. Overall, electronics continues to rank as a top industry for the second quarter in a row, whilautomotive and luxury verticals have overtaken beverages and internet services.

Engagement Trends

The report also highlights a few trends that may help others leverage their Google+ audience.

  • Posting content between 9-10 am (EST) seems to engage users most, while posts on Wednesday and Thursday also seem to be primed for engagement. Obviously, this applies to the top 100 interbrands, but it may be worth experimenting with.


From the looks of things, Google+ Brand pages are giving retailers a viable outlet to engage with users, with multimedia content, such as video, being the most successful tool in its content arsenal. What is particularly impressive is that growth has remained steady for the past 6 months, indicating that brands may have been taking a wait-and-see approach. The more brands spend experimenting with content types and posting schedules, the better they will be able to optimize specifically for Google+, which is a great reminder that each social platform is unique and a company's engagement strategy needs to be customized appropriately.