Google+ Offers Connection Between Business Pages and YouTube Videos

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Step by step, Google is integrating its many properties into a rolling ecosystem of possibilities. Now, the technology giant is rolling out a beta test to allow a business’ YouTube videos to appear on its Google+ pages, raising a variety of possibilities for marketing, customer engagement and other uses. 

The functionality allows business pages on the growing social site to showcase a YouTube channel, and can be used in conjunction with the capability for multiple users to refresh content on the page without having the master login credentials held by the page’s owner.

One Owner, Many Managers

A Google+ business page resembles a user’s profile page, but has some key differences. The business page, of course, is made for an entity, while a profile is for a person. (And Google+ in this case does not buy the U.S. Supreme Court’s view that a corporation is a person.) Pages have, by default, a privacy setting of public, and local business pages have additional fields to help a visitor find the physical location of the business.

Pages can have one owner, but as many as 50 managers, and all managers have the same rank. Managers have access to the page, and to certain controls, without having to get the owner’s login credentials. The owner retains rights over managers, can delete a page or transfer ownership, and has other such global rights, while managers can primarily change content and page settings.

Showing your YouTube videos via the Google+ page offers some interesting use case scenarios. Some could involve a distributed community of either employees or even trusted brand advocates creating diverse content that not only supports the brand, but gives the Google+ business page a “news” feel with updates from the field.

A key driver for keeping customers interested in the brand is having frequently-updated, genuinely interesting content that rewards their interest.


Learning Opportunities

Scenarios for YouTube Videos in Google+

For example, a real estate company could have a Google+ page that is owned by the company’s general manager, with access given to each agent to upload walk-through videos of their new properties. A company with retail branches could conduct local contests which are documented and uploaded by trusted local branch managers. A music label could have a central Google+ page that contains last night’s videos from its various acts’ concerts.

But there’s also live transmissions, so, for example, Google+ Hangouts on Air could be available through your brand page and your YouTube account. A band’s fans talking about a new release, a live demo of a new software product, or a class learning how to install a device are some of the possibilities. Other capabilities include using YouTube's expanded video sharing through your Google+ brand page.

To connect a YouTube channel and a Google+ business page, the owner connects with a Google+ page within Advanced Settings in a YouTube account. The linked result is that the page and the channel show the same name and photo, the public YouTube videos appear on both, and managers of the Google+ page can also manage the channel.

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