A new app for Android phones brings local information, tourist facts, offers and restaurant recommendations for those new to a city, or taking the tour. 

Enjoy the Ride

Google's new app, available from the Google Play store is a more focused version of the usual maps applications, offering location-based information, with a smattering of historical facts, tourist traps, restaurant recommendations and other information.

These are collated from Google's own existing resources, plus reference material from the likes of Atlas Obscura and Cool Hunting, to add the color and detail that a broad-brush app will often miss out on. Released yesterday, the app's home site hints that an iOS version will be available soon.


That has led to much chatter that it will provide a quick route back for access to Google Maps in the iPhone, but that isn't really the focus of the app. Instead you can actively engage with it, or just leave it on and let it tell you about points of interest nearby. 

Taking the Tour

With the ability to vote up or down content, users will end up doing some of the curating themselves. They can also take advantage of Google offers if there happens to be one in the neighborhood and with its mobile-specific nature, it feels more like a genuine tour guide than a portable version of generic web information. 

To launch the app, Google is creating several search parties in major cities; New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis for users to go on fact-finding trips on Saturday. Anyone can sign up and the events are free to join, but you need to register here,, no word on when the app will support other territories.