A collaborative social network for marketers. That’s GraphEffect’s shorthand description of its product, which is now available in a new release for general customers.

The platform, which has been called a Yammer for social media marketers, was previously only offered to large enterprise partners, such as American Express or Samsung. The product provides a social network so that marketers can work together on planning, content creation, analysis, social advertising and other functions (aka digital marketing).

‘Disrupt Marketing Ecosystem’

The Santa-Monica, California-based company also announced that it will soon make available to the public its APIs, which, up to now, have been offered only to selected developers.

CEO and Co-Founder James Borow noted in a statement that, while marketing has evolved dramatically over the past few years, largely because of social media, “the way marketers do their jobs has not.” To fill that gap, he said, the goal of the GraphEffect platform is to “disrupt the marketing ecosystem” to bring marketers together.

graphiceffect screen shot 1.png

Borow has told news media that a social marketing campaign typically has media buyers, ad agencies and Facebook representatives which, together, constitute “too many cooks in the kitchen.” The platform is intended to help the social media “cooks” work more cohesively. Use of the platform is free, with charges being incurred when ad money is spent.

‘Most Advanced Tool’

Key features of the platform include the ability to establish working teams, conduct private sidebars in the context of a current conversational thread, and establish Follow Ups for helping to keep track of what needs to be done.

In its announcement, the company cited testimony from Noah Mallin, Vice President and Group Director of Social Marketing at integrated brand agency Digitas, who called the platform “the most advanced tool I’ve seen for brands to manage this new environment collaboratively with their agencies.”

Founded in 2010, GraphEffect is a social media marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Its agency services include the StoryRank algorithm that identifies the brand-related posts that are most resonating with the targeted audience, the ReachBoost audience recommendation engine, the ViralBoost conversation-tracking solution, and StoryBoost technology to convert the most engaging content into ads.