San Francisco, Calif.-based Square Inc. already enabled companies of all sizes to accept payments via credit and debit card. Now it wants to give “Square sellers” -- vendors that use Square Register, the company’s smartphone and tablet based point of sale app -- a direct line into the experiences of their customers.

The company introduced Square Feedback today, signaling the addition of real time customer service capabilities to its existing services for $10 a month. If it works as expected, it could provide customers a way to make their feelings known — before they share experiences on social media.

"Conversation, Not Reviews" 

Square Feedback maps directly over the company’s existing programs, giving consumer the ability to provide the square seller with feedback right from their receipt, which is received as a text message or email according to the preference of the customer.  

By clicking on either a smiley or frowny face, the buyer can provide a general indication of his/her experience with the service. They may also leave additional comments and let the vendor know whether or not they would like to be contacted for further discussion.

Square Feedback has notifications to enable real time engagement, and allows vendors to communicate with respondents directly through the Square dashboard, allowing any company to address feedback -- both positive and negative -- instantly. 

The dashboard also allows the vendor to organize and filter feedback by date and category, allowing businesses to see which efforts are working and which efforts have been less than satisfactory.