As promised, Microsoft has announced the release of Hipstamatic's social photo app for Windows Phone 8 devices, with a special Pro version for the new Nokia Lumia 1020 super-camera smartphone. 

Windows Phone Users Can Oggl Too

Windows Phone 8 users are demanding the best apps for their devices, even as Nokia tackles Microsoft on the issue. Some corporate digging comes from a recent IBT article where Nokia's Bryan Biniak, a corporate VP, said that Nokia was producing credible devices, but with the app ecosystem lagging behind, with under 200,000 apps compared to Android and iOS both around the million mark, it will continue to struggle. 

While users have a unique-looking device and OS, they lack the choice of apps as well as the distinctive services that set Nokia and Windows Phone 8 apart. That may be why Microsoft is so happy with the arrival of this app, dedicating a whole blog post to it, following on from its announcement at the latest Nokia launch. 

Hipstamatic allows users to share with a creative community, using the app's smart lenses and film features to turn snaps into something a little more memorable, including pre-loaded favorites for common scenarios such as Landscape, Food, Portrait, Nightlife and Sunset. 

Learning Opportunities

Users Wade In

With the new Nokia Lumia 1020 only on-sale a few days, it is perhaps no surprise that there aren't many users trying out the Pro version of the app. Reviews appearing in the Windows Phone 8 store for the basic version are pretty cutting with reports of bugs and issues, although that could be down to registration servers being swamped by new users. 


The Pro version of the app adds refined controls for the improved lenses and settings of the Lumia 1020 model. We wonder just how many users it will attract, and if this will help act as a barometer for the success or otherwise of the new model.