Content management company, Sitecore has with HiSoftware released the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff App for Sitecore’s App Center. This new application is designed to ensure that web content and applications follow privacy guidelines.

Keeping Information Secure and Accessible

In today's world, the internet is not just something that people use in their spare time, it's becoming an essential part of our daily lives as we use to communicate, work and connect with others. There is therefore a continual need for content to be available not only in an online capacity, but as quickly as possible.

Due to this demand, sometimes content is not checked thoroughly before it's published, so security, accessibility and privacy guidelines can be overlooked. This not only hurts a company's credibility, but puts private information and content at risk. Information that can be compromised due to a lack of security include passwords, credit card information and HIPPA identifiers.

The Sheriff is Here to Save the Day

With the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff application, guidelines are enforced, content is made accessible for all, while platforms that can can have security problems, such as email, website intranets and document libraries are scanned and monitored.

Maintaining compliance of online content is a perpetual risk that escalates as organizations empower more people to post content at a faster rate," said Kurt Mueffelmann, president and chief executive officer, HiSoftware. "With so much information being made available online, the business risk associated with poor compliance is high, and growing. Companies must adopt a comprehensive approach to address content compliance and mitigate risk.”

Even though many companies try to make sure that policies and guidelines are followed and content is safe, leaks can still happen. The Compliance Sheriff App not only protects this content, it makes sure that rules are followed.

What the App Does

When used as part of Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform, the Compliance Sheriff App, as was mentioned, scans content prior to being published and reports on any privacy or policy issues before it's publicly available. Some of the key feature of the app are:

  • 75 predefined check points, including WCAG 2.0 that monitor privacy and website quality issues and ensures that confidential information remains confidential.
  • Once a scan is finished, a detailed report is filed and shows whether the content has passed, failed or is at risk. The scan then suggests ways that the content can be improved. Once published, content is continually monitored through the "compliance health" feature and reports on how well the content is doing and what areas need to be improved upon.
  • The app increases a company's customer relationships by making sure that its website and other content is available to everyone, including those with disabilities.
  • Sites are monitored to ensure that there are no quality issues, such as a typos and broken links.

Sitecore and HiSoftware in the News

The HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff app isn't the only recent product release for either company. In November, HiSoftware, along with NewsGator, announced a security feature that is used with the Newsgator Connector product to make sure only safe content is shared online.

Sitecore has also stayed busy, not only introducing version 6.6 of their platform, but held their annual symposium in October, where they introduced new products, such as a social starter kit and social communities.