Sitecore 6.6 Adds Advanced Targeting, Mobile Previews for MultiChannel Campaigns

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With this week’s release of v.6.6, Sitecore demonstrates that mobile is indeed a priority for marketers.

Sitecore Customer Engagement

Sitecore 6.6 has a lot of added functionality that will make it easier to provide better customer experiences, as well as monitor those experiences.

The new mobile support that it is offering comes in the shape of support for mobile web interactions and applications. Sitecore now also enables advanced targeting and identification of customer segments.

The key point here, Sitecore says, is to provide a web content management system that engages with customers across all channels, particularly now that so much interaction is through mobile devices.

"We have enabled our developer community to work with the latest development technologies while offering marketers enhanced ways to use customer behaviour data to better segment and target marketing campaigns. The result for businesses is a consistent, engaging customer experience that helps create customers for life,” Darren Guarnaccia, VP of product marketing Sitecore said.

Mobile View, Page Preview

Sitecore v6.6 introduces a device simulator that will enable users to see how content appears on a given mobile device and in different browsers. Through the use of screenshots, Sitecore's mobile device simulator shows how websites will display on different mobile devices,including Android, iPhones and Windows phones. 

In addition, a new SDK enablesthe creation of native mobile apps for the iOS platform and it includes an embedded browser that allow easy access to Sitecore content, but also takes advantage of device specific features.

Sitecore 6.6 mobile simulator.jpg

Sitecore v6.6 mobile simulator

Another nifty new feature, related to the device preview, is the page preview. Unlike the device simulation which provides dynamic simulations in a browser accessed through a content management system, page preview is completely static.

The previews depend on a service that can be bought through the Sitecore ApplicationCenter and provides static views of pages through screen captures made through the content management system.

Learning Opportunities

Sitecore 6.6 page previews.jpg

Sitecore v6.6 Page Preview

Sitecore Customer Segments

The other element that aims to improve the user experience is the new targeting feature for multichannel marketing.

Using v6.6, marketers can create a list of visitors that match a predefined list of criteria, and break those visitors up into segments. Segments can be built using demographic and behavioral data, enabling dynamic evaluation rather than evaluations around a static list of visitors that is difficult to change.

The result is that enterprises do not need a CRM expert to target specific groups of potential clients, instead building segments from as little as an email account and the emails that have been sent to it.

And there’s more than all that. Sitecore now supports ASP.NET MVC to complement its existing support for web forms, enabling the creation of sophisticated applications that use current web standards.

There are also dictionary enhancements, a new insight dashboard and version support for both recycle bins and archives, and more.