Social media management provider HootSuite is buying Seesmic, indicating the end of one social media management tool.

Vancouver, Canada-based HootSuite provides a social media management system designed to assist businesses in collaborating internally and in running campaigns across multiple social networks. The company’s clients include 79 of the Fortune 100, such as McDonalds, PepsiCo and Sony Music.

‘Video Twitter,’ Desktop, Ping

San Francisco-based Seesmic, founded in 2008 by Loïc Le Meur, initially launched an app that was described as a “video Twitter.” It was intended to allow users to share and interact with user-generated and professionally-created content.

From there, Seesmic moved its focus to the Twitter app Twirl, and then to Seesmic Desktop. Desktop, a more streamlined version of Twirl, enabled a user to see multiple Twitter accounts in one window.

Now, Seemsic is emphasizing its Ping product, where a user can post to many social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Ping’s functions include the ability to share links as attachments and set up personalized groups, and the app is derived from Seesmic’s acquisition of

Founder Le Meur is a veteran entrepreneur, whose efforts include the Le Web conferences held in Paris.

‘Transitioning Business Users’

HootSuite founder Ryan Holmes told news media that the acquisition was primarily to convert Seesmic users into HootSuite ones, rather than to obtain Seesmic’s technology. Reportedly, the price is based on how many conversions take place.

In its announcement, HootSuite said that it will continue to support Seesmic’s products, “while transitioning business users to HootSuite’s larger social media management toolset.” Consumer users are “encouraged to explore new tools, apps and features available at”

HootSuite currently has about five million users, and Seesmic has an estimated 30-40,000 users monthly. Le Meur will stay with his company, although it is not clear how many of the rest of Seesmic’s staff will migrate to HootSuite.

HootSuite, focused on the enterprise, itself provides the ability for users to engage in multiple social networks. HootSuite Teams also offers large-scale team management which, the company said, contains granular controls that appeal to small teams.

HootSuite comes in free and US$ 9.99/month Pro versions. Features include message scheduling, geo-targeting, bulk messaging, real-time search, custom reports, over fifty drag-and-drop modules, automated sharing, limited permissions, secure profiles and reporting.