Networking solutions provider Seesmic has officially released Ping, a tool designed to simultaneously manage multiple social networking accounts. Ping, which was released in beta earlier this year, enables users to post on any social network at any time, from any device.

Ping’s features include scheduling postings to multiple social networks in advance, creating links as attachments for Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr, sharing photos or images natively to Twitter and Facebook, and creating personalized groups of social networking contacts. Users can deploy Ping from platforms including iOS and Android mobile devices, desktop PCs, email or bookmarklet.


Seesmic Shifts Direction

As CMSWire reported in March 2012, Seesmic has made several changes of direction in its efforts to find success in the messaging marketplace since launching in 2007. The company has abandoned its efforts in Salesforce-based social enterprise tools to refocus on Ping. The changes saw the company shed more than half its workforce, and Seesmic is now back down to a team of 15 people.


Seesmic initially acquired Ping, then known as, in January 2010. Back then, Seesmic was a Twitter client competing with Tweetdeck. However, by purchasing Ping, Seesmic set on a path to enable users to reach out to all your friends, co-workers, family and others across just about any social network they -- and you -- may be using. Ping was already integrated with a Seesmic Twitter product called Twhirl.

Seesmic is entering a very crowded marketplace, as there is no shortage of applications which allow users to expedite, disperse, enhance and otherwise spruce up and distribute postings to social networks, blogs and other means of online networking in a mass, cost-effective manner. However, most of these applications focus on either a single social networking platform or a select group of the most popular platforms.

By allowing users to post to any social network they choose, Seesmic may make a name for itself with Ping, which is already one of the most hallowed brand names in golf equipment. It will be interesting to see if Seesmic has similar success in deploying Ping as a brand in social networking equipment.

Seesmic offers three pricing plans for Ping. The free plan allows up to 10 posts per day on up to three accounts, while the Seesmic Plus plan costs US$ 4.99 per month and allows up to 50 posts per day and up to 10 accounts for posting. The Seesmic Pro plan costs US$ 49.99 per month and offers unlimited posts and accounts. All three plans offer free desktop and mobile apps, while both paid plans allow support tickets and the Pro plan offers a 24-hour ticket response time.