The very jumpy Seesmic outfit dumps its enterprise focus and goes hunting in the social space with more work to come on cross-service messaging platform, Seesmic Ping.

Still Pinging Away

Founded in 2007, Seesmic has made several changes of direction in its efforts to find success in the messaging marketplace. The company has now abandoned its efforts in Salesforce-based social enterprise tools to refocus on "ping," its anytime, anywhere messaging app. The changes see the company shed over half its workforce, and Seesmic is now back down to a team of 15 people.

The Seesmic Ping app is now available in beta for leading mobile platforms, and most recently arrived on Windows and Mac. It allows users to post to pretty much all social services including Facebook and Twitter (supporting multiple accounts) from a single place.

Struggling for Pace

You can read founder Loic Le Meur's honest and positive thoughts on the situation in an interview over on Venturebeat on what is a difficult situation for any small business. Will Seesmic Ping rejuvenate the company's fortunes? It is hard to say, but the company has never had trouble producing high-quality apps, only falling in the wider execution of a business plan.

Learning Opportunities


Seesmic offers another way to post to all your social services

With plenty of competitors in this space from the likes of TweetDeck and endless crossover services like Foursquare, Living Social and so on, there will be casualties. But it is good to see a company and a leader still willing to fight on.

Title image courtesy of Lightspring (Shutterstock).