IBM Digital Experience software, customer experience
IBM digital experience software

With IBM’s Smarter Cities and Smarter Commerce initiatives gathering steam by the month, Big Blue has just announced the release of new software called Digital Experience software that aims to give enterprises, and in particular marketing departments, insight into how customers are behaving in specific channels.

IBM's Smarter Commerce Initiative Grows

IBM says the new release is tightly aligned with its Smarter Commerce initiative, itself part of IBM’s wider Smarter Planet technology, which puts technology at the heart of all human interactions.

In the case of Smarter Commerce,it provides customer insights gained through different kinds of technologies -- in this case customer experience management technologies --into business actions,thus enabling new processes that help companies buy and sell, as well as market their products.

The new Digital Experience software builds on this and provides a way for employees to produce, share and distribute digital content on the fly to all channels without having to pull IT departments into the mix.

Social, Mobile, eCommerce Drive Digital Experiences

The development of Digital Experience has been precipitated by the growth in the use of social, mobile and e-commerce applications in business.

The result is the emergence of what IBM describes as the digital consumer, who now expects deeper interactions with the enterprises they are doing business with than was previously possible. This in turn is forcing enterprises to feed data driven decision making into common business functions like marketing, sales, services and human resources.

Learning Opportunities

This is where the new Digital Experience software comes into the mix. According to IBM, itenables marketers to provide customers with personalized and relevant information and offerings based on their preferences, pushed across any and all digital channels according to need.

Big Blue cites the example of a conference. With Digital Experience, at a conference marketing or event teams can develop assets on the fly that incorporate data that they have picked up at the conference itself, such as client interviews, show floor footage, add in audio or text overlays, and publish those assets to whatever channel is being used.

The digital era is being driven by the proliferation of mobile and social networks which have transformed the way organizations engage their key audiences…To succeed, companies must look beyond websites to create digital experiences that marry analytics, deeper social engagement, compelling content and design for mobile delivery in order to engage audiences on their terms and on their time."

Digital Experience Capabilities

As usual,IBM has had this out on test sites and cites a number of companies that have applied it to their particular circumstances. Some of the advanced capabilities that have been tested include:

  • Mobile Experiences: With Digital Experience, marketing teams can design a single mobile application that can be viewed on multiple devices to ensure a consistent brand experience.
  • Analytics and Optimization: This enables users to analyze customer activity on specific channels, like a mobile device, or a web page.
  • Omni-Channel Media Creation: Non-technical users can create video content quickly and easily.
  • Social Interaction: IBM is providing out of the box integration with its social business platform enabling users to embed social experiences within the company portal or social networking sites.

This is only the latest in IBM’s ongoing development of its Smarter Commerce initiative that aims to build solutions that are better connected to the customer, more agile and more intelligent. However, the initiative is far from complete so expect more from this in this space in the near future.