IBM-Unica received the highest ranking among the leaders of the May 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management (MCCM) CRM. The viability and lifecycle management functionality of the IBM-Unica MCCM CRM solution helped earn it top billing in the report.

Digital Marketing Transforms MCCM

Gartner credits digital marketing with transforming MCCM, which encompasses processes that enable companies to define, orchestrate and communicate offers to customer segments across multiple channels, such as websites, mobile and call centers.

According to Gartner, Web management vendors are starting to build digital marketing functionality, including addressable branding/advertising, contextual marketing and transactional marketing, to compete in and extend the reach of the MCCM space.

Leaders -- IBM-Unica, SAS, Teradata-Aprimo, Oracle Siebel

As mentioned above, IBM-Unica was the top-ranked MCCM CRM leader, due to IBM’s global reach, as well as functionality for lifecycle management, personalization and localization with nine new languages in the recently released IBM-Unica 8.5.

However, Gartner cautions that accelerating competition and reported support issues may threaten IBM-Unica’s leading status.

Meanwhile, second-ranked SAS is also cited for viability, as well as advanced analytics and a strong roadmap and integrated data structure. Areas of concern include a need for more thought leadership and campaign management capability.

Teradata-Aprimo has strong momentum (overall year-over-year revenue up 22 percent in 2011), released an internal decision offering and plans to introduce segmentation based on social data, social campaigns and an understanding of customer and campaign sentiment. Support is sometime seen as slow and limited, and the “classic” channels of direct mail and email still receive the most attention.

Oracle-Siebel’s licensed revenue and deal size grew about 20 percent in 2011 compared to 2010, and the vendor received high marks for integrated loyalty management functionality and automation of end-to-end campaigns. Business users report a need for clearer documentation and often report using Oracle-Siebel due to an existing relationship rather than its being a best-of-breed solution.

Visionaries -- Responsys, Adobe Systems, Neolane, Sitecore

Responsys leads the visionaries with expanded digital marketing breadth added in 2011, including a display retargeting capability and advanced analytic and digital marketing capabilities in a multitenant SaaS application. However, Gartner estimates that more than 70 percent of Responsys' revenue comes from email marketing, and support times are often reported as slow.

Adobe Systems offers segmentation reporting filtered by segments such as Facebook users, mobile traffic and/or visitors who have watched a video or any other custom-defined segment. And in 2011, Adobe announced and shipped SocialAnalytics, which will be integrated with Context Optional to create a new social campaign management product, Adobe Social, in 2012. But offline capabilities may be limited.

Neolane increased its focus on social marketing in 2011 with features including social sign-on, social user profile capture into the marketing database, and the ability to deliver real-time personalized offers to Facebook and Twitter. Workflows can be complex to set up and run, and could also offer more specific B2B functionality.

Sitecore is moving from more traditional Web content management to digital marketing capabilities, including managing campaigns for websites, email campaigns, mobile sites and social media and exchanging information with external digital systems. Sitecore is mostly designed to work in .NET environments and in many cases does not perform as well as best-of-breed digital marketing applications for specific functions such as email marketing.

Niche Players -- Eloqua, Marketo, SDL Alterian, ClickSquared, Infor, PBSoftware, Oracle RightNow

Eloqua offers a SaaS solution for lead management in B2B that includes a suite of revenue applications, as well as a cloud tool that features social connectors for adding social data to consumer profiles. Eloqua is at some risk of becoming overly dependent on its partnership with and problems with software bugs and inadequate metrics have been reported.

Learning Opportunities

Marketo provides B2B lead management tools primarily aimed at midmarket users. 2011 saw the vendor introduce a multistep program capability, event marketing and integration with webinars. This year, Marketo is expected to integrate social marketing techniques from its Crowd Factory acquisition. Marketo is also at risk of overly relying on

SDL Alterian provides hosted midmarket campaign management tools, and is focusing this year on enterprise scalability, which includes enhancements to built-in predictive analytic capabilities, email reporting and dashboarding. Users say the vendor is a good value for the cost, but implementation delays and a focus on MSPs pose negatives to SDL Alterian’s business model.

ClickSquared offers an SaaS-based subscription model with a focus on digital marketing channels for midsized B2C organizations. Gartner praises ClickSquared for ease of use and accessible functionality, but says the company’s MCCM visibility is low and its support and service organization is “still maturing.”

Infor CRM Epiphany is shifting focus from its installed base to MCCM/marketing professionals, and offers campaign management technology that features advanced analytical and cross-channel capabilities. Social marketing and mobile capabilities are not yet available.

PB Software provides advanced analytics, basic and advanced outbound campaign management, and inbound campaign management functionality to B2C financial services, telecommunications and retail users. The company now has new anonymous/known Web visitor targeting to present relevant offers from acquisition throughout the customer lifecycle, and plans to release a visual selection and segmentation interface for campaigns across inbound and outbound environments. MCCM visibility is currently low.

Oracle RightNow complements customer service efforts with features such as social monitoring, and plans to release advanced analytics and email applications this year. However, users rated social marketing and Web analytics capabilities as below other capabilities of Oracle RightNow’s technology.

Challenger -- SAP

The lone challenger in the most recent Gartner MCCM CRM Magic Quadrant, SAP provides basic and advanced campaign management execution, customer segmentation, trade promotion management, lead management and loyalty management.

SAP is adding Big Data and social marketing features, but social marketing capabilities are not yet well-established and ease of integration with other widely-deployed SAP marketing solutions is cited as the biggest reason for use of its MCCM CRM technology.