IDInteract Creates Personas Based on Multi-Channel Big Data for Targeted Digital Marketing

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Enterprise CRM solutions provider, IDInteract, is introducing Demand Exchange, a platform designed to create detailed personas for use in targeted messaging and offers.

Demand Exchange works by aggregating structured and unstructured online data (i.e.,“Big Data”) and using it as the basis of graphic personas that illustrate the demographic profiles of individuals, groups, events and communities. In addition, the IDInteract DemandExchange platform analyzes personas to determine real-time “demand signals” that indicate whether or not a persona is likely to respond to a specific targeted offer delivered via a specific channel.

The platform includes four key solutions:

  1. IDIntent – This channel-agnostic tool sources little-used, real-time “dark” data from social and mobile apps tracking customer behavior and purchase intent.
  2. IDPersona – This application collects Big Data and uses it to create personas including information such as privacy, brand consideration and potential for revenue. Proprietary algorithms allow IDPersona to detect and notify marketers of real-time opportunities for specific targeted offers to specific personas.
  3. IDAnalytics – Using predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms, IDAnalytics generates graphical data indicating which prospects within personas offer the highest revenue potential for users.
  4. IDOffer – This solution automates the recommendation of prospects for available offers.

In addition, Demand Exchange measures, tracks and reports the status of customer interactions on a continual basis.

Making It Personal

Marketers have long created personas based on data collected from “real world” customer behavior and engagement, but there is an increasing trend toward creating personas based on digital customer behavior and engagement and IT vendors are responding. For example, just yesterday open source Web CMS provider Hippo released version 7.8 of its flagship web content management product.

Learning Opportunities

Hippo CMS 7.8 includes a highly customizable targeting feature that lets marketers create personalized experiences for site visitors. Marketers can view information about each site visitor, as well as internal data such as what content the visitor has already seen, and then turn that information into highly detailed visitor personas.

Getting It Right

In November 2010, the TopRank online marketing blog posted some simple, direct advice on creating effective social customer personas that still rings true. Marketers should first determine their customers’ content preferences, how they discover, share and consume content and what they are looking for on search engines and discussing in social media forums. From there, marketers need to collect customer data through methods such as surveys, social listening and keyword, demographic and engagement information.

”The data you collect can be compiled and analyzed to reveal common characteristics for persona development,” advises TopRank. “Then that persona can guide everything from the kind of content planned on landing pages, blogs and social media. It can also guide engagement via social channels.”

Demand Exchange is available immediately with an annual subscription. A fully customized recommendation and pricing is available on request. IDInteract is also offering a 30-day trial of Demand Exchange to the first 25 qualified enterprise customers who apply via their website by December 31, 2012.