Database-as-a-service platform provider Infochimps is introducing Enterprise Cloud -- a new Big Data cloud service aimed at Fortune 1000 companies having trouble harnessing data from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help drive their business decisions.



Giving 100 Percent

It is very popular in our society to speak of giving 110 (or even more) percent effort, but realistically 100 percent maximizes what you can get from something. This makes Infochimps’ claim that Enterprise Cloud can capture 100% of an enterprise’s internal data in a private cloud and then supplement it with 100% of external data from social media sources highly impressive. Considering that Infochimps estimates the average enterprise only captures about 15% of all its internal and external data, this would seem to offer a significant improvement.

Infochimps also offers managed services and combined offerings featuring solutions from cloud technology partners, as well as an abstraction that sits between the end user and the infrastructure that Infochimps says eliminates the need to have Big Data experts on staff and allows deployment in about 30 days. Enterprise Cloud can accept and pool data from sources including Hadoop, NoSQL and real-time analytics.

Paging Mr. Warhol

In a recent CMSWire column, contributor Stephen Fishman predicted that in 2013 Big Data will find its “Andy Warhol,” or the person/entity that will make Big Data “resonate” with the general population. “The Warhol of Big Data will arrive,” wrote Fishman. “I do not predict we will recognize him or her when they arrive. It took many years for each of the aforementioned transcendent figures to make their impact felt around the world. There are however, some hallmarks that will help identify him or her.

  • They will apply a qualitative lens to a topic that is currently defined from without and within by quantitative parts.
  • Their solutions posed to the problem of understanding the meaning of all the big data will not be solutions at all, they will reveal that the problem never existed as we thought it did.
  • They will at first be dismissed as an inconsequential iconoclast and only later be hailed as an intrepid pioneer and inspiration to future possibilities.”

One interesting aspect of Enterprise Cloud, as mentioned by the Arizona Technology Investor Forum, is that it turns analysis of complex Big Data into a self-service proposition. “Infochimps Enterprise Cloud is the kind of service you won’t see any time soon from an enterprise behemoth like Oracle or most of the enterprise big boys,” states a posting on the Forum. “Why? Because it’s self-service.”

It’s far too early to say what kind of impact Enterprise Cloud will have, but if it is really as simple to use and drives as much value as Infochimps claims, the company is in for fame that will last longer than 15 minutes.