Instagram Video Comes into View

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Instagram Video Comes into View

As video use explodes in the enterprise, Instagram has decided the time has come to slip into the scene, and it has announced its very own video service.



Vine Creeper, YouTube Challenger

When Twitter launched its Vine App, and the world was now visible through people's six second video clips, it became clear just how sharable videos really were. Now Instagram users have the option to snap their trademarked black and white images, or film up to 15 second clips and slap one of 13 custom filters on them to show their friends and followers.

Video on Instagram is available in the Instagram version 4.0 update for iOS and Android, and like Vine, the service allows for minimal amounts of changes to be made before sharing. Videos can be between three and 15 seconds, and are recorded by tapping the video camera icon that now pops up when the app is launched. Tap the video icon to enter video mode, then press and hold the red icon.

Lift a finger off the icon to stop recording, and then the next scene can begin. There's a back button looking icon that will erase a given segment if the light's not right or if someone photobombs the image accidentally, for example. That's really the extent of the editing ability, and there's no feature to upload existing videos to the app. Only videos taken with the app can be filtered and shared.

Security + Storage, Compatibility

Instagram is now owned by Facebook, and that means sharing within that walled garden, and videos appear on a profile and in the feed. There are unlimited uploads available, and the visibility settings work the same way as with photos, but there is no tagging in videos.

Learning Opportunities

The video feature is turned on for iOS users with version 5 or higher, but for Android users, it required version 4.1, a variant that simply isn't as popular or widespread. That will definitely cause an uproar, but there's no word on if it will become available for 4.0 devices.

Video might be quickly becoming the defacto form of communication on the Web, but in the enterprise, tools for making video searchable, indexable and valuable are appearing nearly as quickly. One such service is called Ramp, and it was named a Gartner Cool Vendor on account of its video transcription ability. It can take the audio from a video transcript, turn it into text and expose that text to search to make videos more valuable.

While that kind of ability is a far cry from Instagram is offering, as the app gets future updates, it will certainly be interesting to see where the company takes it.