Twitter Adds Short Video Clips With Vine iOS App

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 Looking to expand on brief messages and snapshots, a new iOS app allows users to create short, six second, looping clips ideal for those candid camera moments to share with your Twitter friends. 

I Saw It on the Grapevine

Vine is a start-up company that Twitter acquired last year, it was going to launch an iOS app for sharing short video clips. That app will now be part of the Twitter service, although it will exist in its own app, rather like Google's YouTube Capture is kept apart from the main YouTube app. 

The news was heralded by a Tweet from the company's own Dick Costolo, trying out the app, and a retweet of the official Vine news. The app is available now to download and try. To keep things short it records only as long as the user's finger is on the record button, the clip will automatically loop and can be uploaded to Twitter directly. 


Presumably an Android version will be along soon, but for now its down to iPad and iPhone users to populate Twitter with their own brand of funny or poignant clips (or as poignant as you can get in the six-second limit).

Learning Opportunities

Getting Creative in Seconds

There are existing services that can do this including Twitvid, and plenty of apps that help upload both photo and video, but they can all be put on the endangered species list if Twitter decides to heavily promote this, or limit uploads from rival sources. 


If you don't have an iOS device to test the app, there are a few examples over on the Twitter blog. The app can also share to Facebook and Vine's own service. You can browse other videos by category, while the service will promote the best to you.

Creating and posting your videos is as simple as you'd expect and once you're rolling, all you need is enough content to upload, which is all down to the interesting-ness, creativity or otherwise of your life. Given all the fuss over sexting, rude photos and other teen-angst issues, you can bet Vine will be generating some less-than-social headlines soon.