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Ever wondered why you can't upload video using the YouTube app to the site? Well, now there's an app just for that as Google reveals YouTube Capture, the point, shoot and upload app for content creators.  

Fast Capture and Upload

While there's a case that any video should be neatly edited, tweaked and cleaned up before being uploaded, the mobile age sees up throwing images and video up straight from our smartphones or tablets.

So, YouTube Capture is here for iOS users, allowing them to quickly take and upload videos without the need for extra steps. Simply sign in to the app, choose to enable the color correction and stabilisation options if you wish, shoot some footage and upload, it really is that simple. 

You can also use the app to share videos on Google+, Facebook and with Twitter, or just your YouTube account. There are some basic editing functions like trimming, but this is really for getting those videos from the field (or wherever) up on the Web as fast as possible, and it does a decent job. 

Learning Opportunities

Looking Sharp

On my iPhone 4S there's the option to record in 480p and 720p, and it can use both the front and rear camera. You can add a description and tags before you upload your latest clip. 

While there are lots of other apps for uploading video to social sites, with more features, but having its own app will allow Google to better manage the process and presumably monetize videos more easily. There's still the opportunity to edit the video once its on the site, but if a video absolutely has to be published now, this free app will help do the job. 

The app works well and smoothly, with upload times dictated by your bandwidth (there could be some interesting data bills if you're on the wrong plan), it gets those clips online for your followers straight away. Coming hot on the heels of the Google Maps app for iOS, its a good end to the year for Google-loving Apple users.