Integrate Introduces AdHQ, Single Platform for Unified Marketing View

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Despite new digital media technologies, many advertisers still manage digital marketing efforts through various channel specific systems, rather than looking at it all from a single interface. This can make it challenging to understand what’s working and what isn’t across channels and audiences. Meet Integrate AdHQ.

Advertising For All and All for One


Advertising has become too fragmented. With AdHQ, Integrate provides an open source platform through which advertisers and media buyers can connect to all media platforms from one place and analyze the data to make better decisions.

AdHQ is a comprehensive workflow management solution for brand and agency advertisers and media buyers that empowers media and brand managers to effectively plan, launch, analyze and optimize cross-channel marketing campaigns across multiple forms of performance, digital and traditional media.

By bringing together all the necessary media-management tools into one spot, media buyers can execute and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns across online, offline and mobile media more effectively. The idea is that AdHQ helps brands and agencies centralize their existing publishers and media partners into a single platform, while still being able access thousands of new and vetted media sources.

Integrate AdHQ offers a comprehensive ad-serving technology stack that offers the flexibility and reach to connect with today’s omnichannel users.

Learning Opportunities

AdHQ provides campaign managers with an integrated interface that lets them:

  • plan and develop media buying strategies
  • gather and compare real-time data regarding channel, publisher and creative performance
  • automate manual processes
  • simplify workflows to increase marketers’ productivity

Marketing Automation & Integrated Advertising

When we spoke to Jeremy Bloom, Integrate’s co-founder (and former Olympian), he discussed the impact that marketing automation has on the way agencies manage media. Earlier this year, he told Marketing Profs that “2013 will finally be the year that B2B marketers begin to bridge the automation gaps that exists between them and their consumer-facing counterparts.”

With AdHQ, Integrate aims to bring automation and simplification to marketing departments and agencies of all sizes, while increasing the efficiency at which they manage media and target audiences.

For too long, advertising strategies have struggled to keep up or account for the evolving consumption economy. Target audiences are not limited to just one screen. One’s television is also a computer or mobile device, and their attention is limited and more valuable than ever before. If you can’t account for their changing behaviors, or if you have no real way of knowing what’s working, your online advertising campaigns have no real strategy and are at risk of failing.