Another week, another Apple iOS update, this time to fix issues for enterprise users having trouble with Exchange and calendar issues.

Enterprise Panic Fixed

Many enterprises were sending out advisories to their BYOD or workforce iPhone users last week, hinting at some of the troubles that can be had with these devices and their infrastructure. Messages along the lines of this were common. 

"WARNING: A single Apple device that uses calendaring could disable or interfere with mail services for all of our users. Users must not use their iPhone or iPad to accept, decline or manage their meeting invites until further notice."

That should be fixed now by the general release of a small (11MB or so) update for iOS, bringing it to 6.1.2 that, Apple says, fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life. 

Learning Opportunities

Access Bug Fixed

It also fixes the lock-screen bypass bug that was widely reported last week as well, which showed a complicated but usable way to access an iPhone user's information.


 The bug fix earlier in the month, solved 3G connectivity issues for some users. With the increasing complexity of these devices and their software it looks like patch releases rather than feature-laden updates are the order of the day now.