Issuu Offers Online Publishers Access to Targeted Advertising
Issuu, the magazine, catalog and newspaper digital publishing platform has launched Issuu Adpages, a tool that gives publishers the power to leverage their networks by allowing users to quickly distribute original print materials as digital media presentations.

Start a Campaign. Create an Ad. Track. 

Users can start a campaign for their catalog or magazine, create an ad and set a daily budget. You can select who you want to see your ad, and Issuu will circulate it beside top matches. You pay only when someone clicks and reads. With the ability to track your campaign with detailed analytics, the possibilities are endless. Users can create multiple ads and compare results to find out exactly how much time customers spend reading your publication, down to per-page per-second tracking.

Issuu Adpages is designed to drive readers to customer publications. As a result, Issuu Adpages does not redirect users to other pages but instead opens a full-spread digital publication reader with the customer’s published print promotion displayed in an easy-to-read format. Users can also find and target their core audience exclusively, giving publishers the ability to convert existing print promotions into a rich media experience, while possibly generating revenue.


Leveraging User Networks& Print Materials

Like Google Adwords before it, AdPages aims to be another option for publishers. By partnering with Adform, whose software as a service simplifies the whole work process by providing personalized retargeting, creative optimization and real time buying capabilities. Interestingly, Adform is also integrated with Google Adwords via API and can also transfer data to Google Analytics.

Ultimately, Issuu Adpages provides more opportunities for publishers to unlock their online potential, by leveraging user networks through tailored content optimization.