Jailbreak-Busting Apple iOS 6.1.3 Update Out Now

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 Apple has finally released its third iOS update in around a month, this time to combat those using the Evasi0n tool to jailbreak their devices.

The Prison Break is Over, For Now

Having been in the pipeline for rather longer than expected, Apple has finally released iOS 6.1.3 to the world, putting users who have jail-broken their devices in a minor quandary. That is to keep on enjoying the free world, or go back to the Apple fold. With over 10 million users having used various tools to expand the capabilities of their iOS device, that's a not insignificant number.

The update comes along smartly after 6.1.1 and .2 that fixed 3G connectivity, battery and enterprise issues. Other fixes include one for the passcode-lock bug, and further adventures in battery life issues, the patch description info fails to mention jailbreaking at all. Evasi0n is the latest in a series of tools that uses deep and obscure flaws in iOS 6.x versions to allow users to install their own choice of software which extends the OS in useful ways that Apple has seen fit to ignore.

In some cases, Evasi0n, and iOS expanders like Cydia and Sn0wbreeze can cause crashes and instability (Apple's stock excuse for being anti-jailbreak) but most users seem to run along happily.

Learning Opportunities

The Natives Remain Restless

The latest update fixes a couple of the deep flaws, ruining the current version of Evasi0n, but you can bet the crackers are working on new ways to circumvent Apple's will. As the first mass jailbreak in a while, Evasi0n generated lots of press and interest, so the battle between Apple and those who want to use the company's devices as they will will be more intense going forward.


Some coders seem to think that the new iOS (which has been available to beta testers for some weeks) can still be jailbroken using a combination of previous techniques. However, any process that's too much effort for the casual user will see its popularity drift until the next easy-to-use revision arrives.