Janrain Extends Social Logins with Drupal Gardens, GraphicMail

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Janrain, known for its user management solutions for the social web, has announced two partnerships aimed at extending social access across multiple channels.

Janrain Blooms in a Drupal Garden 

Acquia and Janrain will be joining forces to power social login and sharing across the Enterprise Drupal Gardens platform. By powering social logins for thousands of new sites built on the SaaS-based open source Enterprise Drupal Gardens platform, Janrain will help make it easier for digital marketers to provide compelling and engaging experiences for their site visitors.

Why does this matter? First, it will help businesses to easily convert anonymous web visitors to known, registered users. Second, it will allow marketing managers access to rich social profile data that can be used to increase engagement and brand advocacy from those consumers. Together, marketers can identify once unknown users and better understand their behaviors so they can target them appropriately using the right the media. 

GraphicMail Integrates Janrain’s Social Sharing Widget

GraphicMail, a hosted email marketing solution, has launched a free social sharing widget that allows clients to have their subscribers share newsletters and comment on them via the browser view. GraphicMail built the widget using Janrain’s existing functionality.

By integrating the social sharing widget (currently in Beta) into its newsletters, recipients have great flexibility to share, comment on and forward brand communications to others. Isn’t email marketing dead? For those that doubt the relevance of email marketing, you may want to take a closer look. By integrating social sharing, two companies aim to elevate the current state of email marketing by taking social sharing and commenting out of the Inbox and into the cloud. 


With the social sharing 'browser' widget, GraphicMail helps companies grow their brand through cloud-based sharing and commenting

Learning Opportunities

On the flip side, GraphicMail thinks social media marketing can be be more than just another messaging and customer collection channel. Rather it wants to make it an integral part of client engagement, interaction and list growth throughout all digital marketing communications. By leveraging Janrain’s social sharing capabilities, GraphicMail is working to ensure that people will talk about your newsletter content, your offers and events on their social networks, which in turn can accelerate your brand’s growth and boost the amount of new sign-ups you get for your campaigns.

The Need for Social Logins 

As these two partnerships show, there is clearly a role for social login and sharing within more traditional marketing platforms. Earlier this month, Janrain analyzed social login and social sharing preferences for online users across all websites using Janrain Engage. 


The results showed that when it comes to social login, people want choice. While Facebook is the most popular option at 48 per cent, a majority would rather use a different social identity, such as Google, Twitter or Yahoo! Add to that the increasing number of smartphones and applications and users want to mimic the way they share and login from a desktop environment but through user-friendly mobile applications.

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