KANA Integrates Ciboodle into Next Generation Enterprise Customer Service Suite

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Last summer, customer service provider KANA Software bought Ciboodle, a contact center provider. KANA had been focused on Web-based customer self-service, and Ciboodle on the agent. This week, KANA is releasing its new version of KANA Enterprise, which brings self-service and agent support together in one platform. 

In addition to options about whether to resolve their inquiries online via self-service tools or to approach the contact center, modern-day customers have a choice of media and devices -- computers, smartphones, tablets or phones, using Websites, live chat, social media, email and so on. KANA prefers to describe its approach to this multi-channel environment as an “omni-channel” response, and it is describing the newest Enterprise, version 13R1, as the “industry’s first end-to-end omni-channel customer service suite.”

HTML5, KM Enhancements

At the time of its Ciboodle purchase, KANA noted that its reputation had been built on email response management, knowledge management, Web self-service and live chat, all of which come under the heading of Web customer service. Ciboodle, on the other hand, focused on dynamic case management, agent desktop solutions and business process management -- that is, contact centers.

KANA Enterprise Agent Desktop.jpg

KANA Enterprise Agent Desktop application

KANA Chief Marketing Officer James Norwood told CMSWire that “what’s new is that all now is a single platform.” He added that it had been “separate channels that KANA integrated in the field -- good but not good enough.”

Learning Opportunities

The new version includes the same user interface across the entire suite, created as a responsive design that automatically adapts to display on a computer, smartphone or tablet. There’s iPhone-like mobile chat, an HTML5 tablet app framework to facilitate the development of tablet apps, and enhancements to knowledge management, including its embedding into the social community for reference use.

New Online Portal

The KANA Natural Language Processing Engine has been plugged into the business process management sub-system to facilitate ease of communication, and, on the customer self-service side, there’s a new online portal with widgetized portlets to help customers handle their own inquiries if they so choose.

Additionally, case/ campaign management and email have been enhanced, a new management dashboard has been implemented, computer-telephony-integration (CTI) adapters have been included in the suite, and the ability to listen and respond to social media has been fully embedded.