Kapow Software has done some major damage with the Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform-- in a good way.  The company just announced their best fiscal Q1 in their personal history. Read on if you've got an enterprise-sized appetite for integration capabilities, content migration, mobile enablement, web intelligence, and business process automation. 

Kapow Katalyst Packs a Punch

You may have been skeptical when Kapow touted version 8 of Katalyst as "the future of data integration" roughly this time last year, but since then the platform platform has grown over 64 percent. 

At its time of release, version 8 was more then just the the latest iteration of the platform-- it was sporting a new name. Previously known as Kapow Web Data Server, the newly branded Kapow Katalyst 8.0 offers an agile approach to integration without the need for APIs.

At the core of the solution is the Kapow Extraction Browser. This browser enables users to extract data automatically from any application that is available as a web application. You can extract data from any layer (database, application logic or presentation tier) transform it, integrate it and/or migrate it. Once the data is extracted, it can then be delivered as an API or web service, into a database or other system via the front end.

Of course, if you do have APIs and you want to use them, Katalyst 8.0 supports integration.


Kapow Software's Katalyst 8.0

Going Mobile 

More recently, Kapow introduced Kapow Mobile Katalyst, an integration platform that can enable and deploy business applications in a mobile environment, again, without APIs or obvious connectors. 

Kapow Mobile Katalyst repurposes existing applications as mobile applications, leaving the underlying systems untouched. The platform leverages the UI of applications it encounters, where all the data and business logic is available to be accessed, extracted, integrated and made available, via mobile-enabled existing apps (MEAPs) or custom-built front ends, to mobile users.

Going All the Way

Kapow is on a mission to prove that it's not just another data integration platform, and I think most would agree that it's doing an excellent job so far. The record-setting growth this quarter proves that. 

"Enterprise CIOs now require much more from an application integration platform than they did in the recent past," explained John Yapaola, president and CEO of Kapow Software. "They've begun to understand more clearly the value of Kapow Katalyst's wide-ranging capabilities. It's not simply about connecting systems... it's about leveraging IT to innovate, build competitive advantage, and grow their company. Our focus on providing customers with unsurpassed time-to-value is clearly resonating with IT leaders around the globe." 

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