Kentico wants to make sure all the beautiful websites its customers build are fully deployable to mobile devices, and it has teamed up with to make it happen.

That's because the system is designed to funnel mobile device data into the Web CMS so it can serve up the best looking site optimized just for that device. 

Mobile Device Cavalcade

Despite the fact we too often only hear about Apple and Android devices, there are is huge variety out there of mobile devices. They differ by software and by manufacturer, but also have many different screen sizes and internal capabilities. catalogs this device information, and when integrated with systems like the new Kentico CMS 7, it helps developers deliver the best mobile experience for that particular device. Don't have the most popular version of iPad or Samsung smartphone? Websites deploying the integrated system will be able to adapt to the unstandardized versions of mobile devices everywhere.

The disparate types of mobile devices is sometimes referred to as fragmentation, and in turn, fragmentation is also often used in reference to Android devices specifically. But for websites of all kinds, the sheer number of mobile devices out there is tough to keep up with, so services like should be in demand.


Kentico 7 dashboard, now with mobile device detection from

Upgrade to Premium Within Kentico CMS 7

Kentico will offer its customers the free version of, but the Premium version can be upgraded to within the Web CMS. It's US $360 per year to start, and it breaks device info down into specific categories like tablets, smartphones and feature phones. Additionally, weekly updates are sent out on new device data.

Knowing exactly what kind of device is connected is great for all kinds of analytics, but's main feature is its ability to properly render Web pages on any device. Furthermore, those pages will also load faster because the mobile framework adjusts for things like bandwidth and signal strength.

Mobile device detection is key in a world where the desktop is losing relevancy, and Kentico has been moving its CMS 7 offering in just this direction. CMS 7 launched in September, and its built in emulator feature can show how web pages will look right in the CMS. Best of all, both the Kentico 7 and systems do not require a deep level of technical proficiency.