Kentico has released version 7 of its ASP.NET based Web CMS. For those focused on the mobile customer experience, you'll be happy.

Kentico has been working to integrate its fledgling electronic marketing system, Kentico EMS, into its CMS platform, and now the entire system is ready for the cloud.

Cloud Based Customer Experience

Kentico is trying to stay ahead of competitors by merging two powerful, but often underutilized systems. Content management and marketing, if used properly, are obviously key for many companies. But so often, organizations either don't take advantage of the systems or they don't take the time to learn about them in the first place. 

Traditional CMSes have, of course, made things simpler on the content side, and now Kentico is positioned as a customer experience solution for those who need this kind of dynamic SaaS-based platform in a .NET environment.

Kentico's automated marketing system in v7 includes A/B testing for E-mail Marketing campaigns, integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, SEO improvements, and connectors and support chat.


Social media sites with posting and/or integration capability in Kentico 7.

Learning Opportunities

Simplified Admin and Mobile Access

Building mobile websites or even converting websites to look better on mobile devices is easier with v7. There are emulators that can show what a site will look like on iOS or Android devices, for example. Mobile detection and responsive behavior features are also included.

For admins, there's a new feature for accessing editing tools without going through the dashboard. Admins can log in to a website and use a simplified interface instead of the Kentico Desk (dashboard). This includes access to those admin tools from a mobile device; great for quick fixes away from the office. Additionally, there is a new visual workflow designer for adapting document options like conditions and timers with a drag-and-drop tool. No programming necessary. 


Simplified editing tools for admins.

Support for Latest Microsoft Technologies

As a .NET based system, Kentico 7 has build in support for Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. If Windows 8, Windows Phone based smartphones and the so called Surface tablet ever take off, Kentico could see much wider adoption rates with this kind of adaptive technology. That's assuming a lot, but even if Microsoft's mobile arsenal underwhelms, Kentico 7 looks to be a fine option for building websites with Microsoft based development tools.